In the name of our passion for stones

Our store is not just an online minerals & gems' retailer. Here, you can find and see the passion, the careful research and the targeted work that takes us all over the world to find the top quality gems and the uniqueness of minerals.

Michele has been collecting minerals for 55 years and is a true expert in this field. He transmitted this passion to his son Gaetano, diploma in gemology and gem-cutter. They travel the world to look for the most beautiful stones and gems, the most unique minerals and to bring beauty to your eyes: Zambia, Madagascar, U.S.A., China, Sri Lanka.

Gaetano and Michele are both collectors. Gaetano is today an established professional in the sector, he is known by the name L.G. Gems, a company founded in 1990.

This store is for everyone, in addition it is for professionals that working in the jewelery sector, in fact in our store you will also find rough stones.

We will be happy to help anyone in the search and purchase of what you are looking for, so do not hesitate to communicate with us.

We buy collections and we do estimates.

Store events

Bologna Mineral Show 2023

Dal 10 al 12 marzo siamo al Bologna Mineral Show

The Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show 2023

 Dal 24 gennaio al 07 febbraio siamo al The Pueblo Gem & Mineral Show di Tucson, in Arizona.

Euro Mineral Expo Bologna 2021

Apre la 1^ edizione di Euro Mineral Expo Bologna, all’Unipol Arena di Casalecchio di Reno

Our Team

Gaetano Lacagnina

Gaetano is L.G. Gems & Minerals' owner.

Gemologist and expert in minerals.

His mission is to find the best minerals and stones,

to check the quality to offer you the most unique beauty.

Michele Lacagnina

Michele is Gaetano's father.

Collector and expert in minerals, with 55 years of experience.

He knows everything about the minerals.

His passion is his energy.